DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND! Diamond is the birthstone for March and the perfect stone for anytime and any occasion.  EXCEL JEWELLERS in Langley displays a spectacular selection of  excellent quality diamonds and offers some of the best diamond prices in the Lower Mainland.  At EXCEL, if we don't have the diamond you are looking for we will find it and bring it in especially for you to view. Diamond is one of nature's most beautiful creations and is celebrated for the purity [...]



Lucky you if your birthstone is alluring Amethyst.....EXCEL JEWELLERS, LANGLEY has a wonderful selection of Amethyst just in time for that special February birthday, or choose Amethyst for a very special Valentine surprise. St. Valentine, the patron of romantic love, wore an amethyst carved with an image of cupid.  It is said that Amethyst helps lovers strengthen their commitment.  It is the perfect choice.  Beautiful Purple Amethyst has long been considered a royal color so it is not surprising that Amethyst has [...]


February 14th is Valentine’s Day

EXCEL JEWELLERS, LANGLEY will make shopping for your Valentine a pleasant experience and help you create lifetime memories. Ask any woman what she wants for Valentine's Day, and besides "you", she will say "jewelry" Beautiful pieces from our display cases or a very special custom piece created by our Master Goldsmith will last a lifetime.  Jewelry is part of creating her wardrobe and completing "her personal look" that sets her apart from her friends and that she will enjoy everyday,  from casual to [...]

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This month at EXCEL JEWELLERS, Langley location, we are showcasing July's birthstone, the Ruby. With its brilliant crimson colour, the Ruby is associated with passion and love, making it an ideal choice for an engagement ring or anniversary ring.  The beautiful colour of Ruby is caused by traces of the element chromium and the stone is readily available in sizes up to 2 carats with larger sizes also available. Like no other gemstone in the world, Ruby is a symbol for powerful feelings, and it's [...]



Pearls are one of the best loved gems of all times and at EXCEL JEWELLERS, Langley, we have a stunning selection of pearl jewellery. If June is your birthday month or you simply love pearls then this is the time to select the pearl jewellery of your choice.   Something specific in mind - then our Master Goldsmith, known throughout the lower mainland for his creations, will craft the piece of your dreams. Pearls have been treasured for their lustrous, creamy texture and subtle iridescent reflections for thousands of [...]

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Excel Jewellers, Langley is featuring the Emerald - the birthstone for May, the gem symbolizing Spring. At Excel Jewellers in Langley, whatever the size or shape, we believe that the Emerald is a stunning classic addition to a jewellery wardrobe as a pendant, earrings or ring. Throughout history the Emerald has been cherished by Spanish conquistadors, Inca kings and Pharoahs including Cleopatra who had a passion for Emeralds. More recently in 2011 Elizabeth Taylor's famous Emerald pendant sold for $6,578,500, a record $280,000 per carat. [...]

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It is that time of year...........Spring cleanup.  We do it in our homes, our yards and our wardrobes - why not our jewellery? At EXCEL JEWELLERS IN LANGLEY we buy and trade old gold.  Round up your broken chains, odd earrings and all the bits and pieces from the bottom of your drawers and bring it into EXCEL.  We weigh your old gold and pay you on the spot.  Or you can trade the gold for more dollars per gram and put [...]

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Jewellery is a well deserved gift that is appreciated by all moms. EXCEL JEWELLERS LANGLEY are showcasing an astonishing selection of jewellery that is perfect for Mother's Day gift giving. Dazzling diamond pieces, white gold and yellow gold pieces as well as colored stones and unique custom designs created by our very own goldsmith. Shop early for the best selection of Mother's Day gifts.  Ask about our convenient lay-away program or financing. This May 14 surprise your mom with a token of your love [...]

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Our Service Sparkles, Too. Complimentary Inspections and Cleaning – and a Lifetime Warranty.

Love is blind, so they say. We'll leave that up for debate. But allow us to say this much. At Excel Jewellers, we've had the pleasure of helping to place beautiful diamond engagement rings on the fingers of some of the world's most beautiful brides-to-be. In doing so, we've noticed that sometimes being in love blinds blissful couples to some of our own services that will make their love life even better. Even as you're blinded by the sparkle of our exquisite [...]

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March’s Colourful Birthstone: Aquamarine. Wear One and Live Large.

If your birthday is in March and you're a big thinker, here's a "gem" of information for you about your birthstone, aquamarine. Aquamarine is a medium-dark blue to slightly greenish blue gem with moderately strong intensity. It grows in in beautiful six-sided prismatic crystals in a number of locations worldwide: including Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, and the United States. It's prized by jewelry and gem lovers everywhere. And it grows large. One major source of aquamarine is in the Brazilian state of Minas [...]

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